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CNAS completes graded assessment on 79 certification bodies

2017-07-06 16:06:21

CNAS completes graded assessment on 79 certification bodies
Source for AQSIQ


The Executive Committee of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS) held its 4th meeting recently. According to the meeting, CNAS continues to improve accreditation mechanism and has achieved great progress this year. Up to Oct. 31, it has carried out graded assessment on 79 certification bodies.



It’ learned that CNAS has exerted efforts to improve the effectiveness of accreditation. It has revised the Administrative Measures for Accreditation Risk Grading Management, strengthened information notification management, and tightened notification disciplines. In addition, it sent out 4 working groups to carry out a pilot supervision program on verification of 16 certified organizations, and issued the new provisions on non-acceptance of the accreditation application, and suspension or withdrawal of the accreditation qualifications of certification bodies. It has enhanced technical studies, with the aim of establishing a long-term and effective mechanism and solving the prominent issues in assessment conformity.

It has made non-routine examinations on high-risk testing labs, certification bodies and inspection bodies to improve the withdrawal mechanism, and supported the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China in organizing the large-scaled training program on melamine detection personnel for labs.

CNAS has also seriously carried out the ad hoc surveillance and complaints investigation. In 2009, CNAS sent out 21 assessment teams to carry out on-site checking of 10 certification bodies, 2 CB’s subsidiaries, and 15 CB’s sub-offices, and worked with competent organizations to implement special examinations on 12 certified organizations. 139 items were considered not in conformity with the requirements, and 1 certification body’s accreditation qualification was suspended. In addition, the accreditation qualifications of 2 testing labs and 1 inspection body were withdrawn. Up to late October, CNAS has received 18 complaints, 15 of which have been confirmed, handled and investigated. As a result, the accreditation qualifications of 7 labs were suspended(5) or withdrawn(2), 2 certification bodies were ordered to take rectification measures, and 4 complaints on labs are under investigation.

CNAS will step up supervision on certification bodies next year. Apart from keeping the ad hoc surveillance on certification bodies, CB’s subsidiaries and sub-offices, and certified organizations, it will officially initiate the special checking program on testing labs, so as to enhance the authoritativeness of accreditation organizations, and bring the restraining role of accreditation into full play.

CNAS Executive Committee, appointed by CNAS’ Board, is composed of the Chairman, the Executive Vice Chairman and the Vice Chairmen of the Board and the Chief Executive. It undertakes the duties and responsibilities delegated by the Board when the Board is not in session.