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Deepening CIQ cooperation to serve the overall diplomatic

2017-07-09 13:59:12

Deepening inspection and quarantine cooperation to serve the overall diplomatic relations—Minister Zhi Shuping visits Brazil, Chile and Peru
Source from AQSIQ


To strengthen the inspection and quarantine cooperation with Latin America, and in conjunction with the visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to Latin American countries, Minister Zhi Shuping led a delegation to Brazil, Chile and Peru from May 17 to 25, 2015 at the invitation of his counterparts of the above-mentioned three nations. Latin America, as a concentrated area of important developing countries and emerging economies, is an important trade and diplomatic partner of China. During the visit, Zhi Shuping attended the welcoming ceremonies, large group discussions and the signing ceremonies held in Brazil and Peru. In Brail, witnessed by Premier Li Keqiang and the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Zhi Shuping signed the Protocol on Quarantine and Veterinary Conditions of Beef to be Exported from the Federative Republic of Brazil to the People’s Republic of China. In Peru, witnessed by Premier Li Keqiang and Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, Zhi Shuping signed the Protocol on Phytosanitary Requirements for the Exportation of Avocado from Peru to China. Zhi Shuping also signed with his Chilean counterpart the Protocol on Phytosanitary Requirements for the Exportation of Blueberry from Chile to China. As all the visited nations attach great importance to inspection and quarantine cooperation with China, relevant inspection and quarantine topics were included in the small and large group discussions, joint declarations and press conferences of the Premier’s visit, and have drawn close attention of the local media and industries.



In the meeting with Mrs. Katia Abreu, the Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Zhi Shuping sang highly of the China-Brazil cooperation in the inspection and quarantine field, and emphasized the importance of ensuring product safety while facilitating trade development. Zhi stated that through close coordination of both sides, Brazilian beef that comply with the sanitary requirements of China could enter into the Chinese market, which would serve as a good opportunity to even further the bilateral cooperation in the related fields. Minister Abreu emphasized that China was a very important market for Brazilian food and agricultural products, and the first priority for her, as Minister of Agriculture, was to consolidate the inspection and quarantine cooperation with China, and thus to ensure that more Brazilian products could enter into the Chinese market and be recognized and accepted by the Chinese consumers.

When meeting with Mr. Carlos Furche, the Chilean Minister of Agriculture, Zhi Shuping pointed out that among Latin American countries, Chile was the first in establishing formal diplomatic relations with China, the first in concluding the bilateral negotiations on China’s entry to WTO, the first in recognizing China’s full market economy status and the first in signing free trade agreement with China. The bilateral cooperation in the inspection and quarantine area is an important part of the overall bilateral relations between China and Chile. Zhi Shuping suggested that both sides further extend cooperation and adopt innovative cooperation mechanism so as to make better contributions to the bilateral cooperation and friendship. Furche stated that the bilateral trade in food and agricultural products has been growing rapidly in the ten years since the implementation of FTA. Attributing to the productive cooperation in the inspection and quarantine area, China is now the most important market for fruit and wine from Chile. Agriculture and forestry are both important parts of Chilean national economy, and Chilean Ministry of Agriculture would continue its efforts on inspection and quarantine so as to maintain stable and high quality agricultural products for the Chinese market. Zhi and Furche also talked about the definition of med-fly quarantine area, e-certification cooperation, and inspection and quarantine issues of fruit, cattle and meat products. In the meeting, Zhi also briefed China’s policies and efforts on the construction of agriculture standardization, organic products, Good Agriculture Practice (GAP), and all-process supervision on export-oriented agricultural products.

In the meeting with Peruvian Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Manuel Benites Ramos, Zhi Shuping emphasized that Peru was the first Latin American country in signing a comprehensive FTA with China. The productive cooperation in the inspection and quarantine area not only benefits the implementation of the free trade agreement, but also contributes to the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Peru. Benites fully agreed with Zhi Shuping, and expressed that it’s one of the strategic objectives of Peru to develop closer partnership with China. The Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture would continue to prioritize the cooperation with AQSIQ, so as to help AQSIQ to build more confidence on the inspection and quarantine system and product quality of Peru, and therefore expedite the inspection and quarantine access of Peruvian products to the Chinese market.
Zhi Shuping and his delegation also met with representatives from the Association of Brazilian Beef Exporters, Chilean fruit export association, poultry and pork producers trade association of Chile, the Peruvian association of agrarian producers, Peruvian association of Hass avocado producers and Peruvian association of exporters of blueberries, and made field trips to orchards of cherry, grape and kiwi fruit, as well as vineyards. The delegation explained the inspection and quarantine policies of China, and held very good communications with the business and industry representatives.