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Procedures for Legalizing Foreign Documents - the Kingdom of the Netherlands

2017-07-09 22:17:04


Legalization means the authentication of a signature or seal/stamp appearing on a document. Chinese government requires legalization of the signatures or seals of Dutch public officials on certain documents that originate in the Netherlands before those documents can be accepted in China.

The documents should first be legalized by 3W/WorldWide Working/Legalization Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, Den Haag, Tel:1400) before they are sent to the Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy in Den Haag. Please note that the office hour of mentioned above is between 9:00--12:00 every mooring from Monday to Friday. See also office hour of the Chinese Embassy.

The Chinese translation of the documents may be acquired from the "authorized translators" by the Dutch government.