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Special legalizations - Great Britain & Northern Ireland

2017-07-09 22:13:42

Special legalizations



(1) Marital status
a. Chinese citizens getting married in the UK
The Chinese government accepts marriages of Chinese citizens living abroad registered in accordance with the law of the country of residence (as long as they are not against the Chinese marriage law). If you are going to use your marriage certificate in China, you will need to legalize the marriage certificate registered in the UK.
b. British citizens going to get married in China
(a) A completed Application Form of Notarization/Legalization
(b) The original copy, and a photocopy, of the Single Status Certificate issued within recent three months time and legalized by FCO;
(c) Your passport and a photocopy of your passport.
(d) If applicable, a Divorce Certificate, or a Death Certificate of the applicant's previous spouse and a photocopy will be needed.
(2) Adoption
The Chinese government entrusts the Chinese Adoption Centre to undertake the work of service for overseas adoption. Given that the Department for Education of British government is the entrusted department by the British government for overseas adoption service, all documents regarding adoption must be submitted to this Department for legalization. Applications made by individual persons or solicitors are not acceptable.
The documents needed for submission:
1. The official letter issued by the Department for Education of British government;
2. An Application Form of Notarization/Legalization completed by the Department for Education;  
3. The original copy, and a photocopy, of the relevant adoption documents verified by Department for Education and then legalized by FCO.
Please note that notary certificates, to be used in China, regarding a person's marital status, health, property, income and non-criminal record, for the purpose of adoption in China, need to be obtained at FCO, the Chinese embassy or consulate within six months from the date of legalization to the date of adoption (excluding the time used for the processing by the Chinese Adoption Centre) after notarisation.
Certificate processing schedules
Standard service: collectable after the fourth working day;
Express service: collectable after the second working day and an express fee will be charged.
All rights of explanation of the above contents are reserved to the Chinese embassy and consulates.