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Instruction of Printing/Pressing Irregular-size CCC Mark

2017-07-09 16:09:48

Instruction of Printing/Pressing Irregular-size China Compulsory Certification Mark
Source from CNCA
  I .Certified enterprise could apply Irregular-size CCC Mark from CCC Mark Centre.
  The following documents should be submitted,
  (1)Original Application Form for Printing/Pressing Irregular-Size CCC
  Mark with applicants’ signature and enterprise seal.
  (2)CCC certificate photocopies.
  (3)The authorization letter with signature and enterprise seal by the applicant
  or factory in case of the application made via an entrusted agent.
  II.The procedure of applying Irregular-size CCC Mark Printing/Pressing Permission.
  1. Irregular-size CCC Mark Printing/Pressing could be applied at CCC Mark Centre and Beijing branch office on site. For post applying, please contact CCC Mark Centre (excluding branch offices) .
  2. After CCC Mark Centre checked , feedback will be made within 3 working days to enterprise via fax and e-mail.
  3. Upon receiving proforma invoice, please make the payment with invoice number (SQ or ANV) and send bank transfer documents to CCC Mark Centre by fax or e-mail.
  4. Upon receiving modification notice, please modify application form and re-apply.
  5. After receiving payment, CCC Mark Centre will undertake Permission procedure within 2 working days and send it to the applicant.