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Inspection on imported toys carried out

2017-07-05 11:13:43

Inspection on imported toys carried out
Source from AQSIQ

The Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has carried out on-the-spot inspection on imported toys sold in the market on June 1, the International Children's Day, with the aim of protecting children’s interests and rights. The inspection was focused on whether the toys are in conformity with the CCC certification, targeting items including affixing of the CCC mark and consistency between toy products and CCC certificate. The inspectors carried out random check on 11 categories of toys including Barbie and intelligence toys imported from 7 countries. The inspection result shows that all of them have their CCC mark affixed properly. The inspectors also introduced the laws and regulations on inspection and quarantine to heads of the stores and toy distributors, requiring that they implement strict control on purchasing channels and ensure consistency between toys and certificates.