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AQSIQ convenes video-phone conference on the special rectification

2017-07-05 11:10:01

AQSIQ convenes video-phone conference on the special rectification of key products in national quality inspection system
Source from AQSIQ

On Feb 20, AQSIQ convenes video-phone conference on the special recification of key products in national quality inspection system in Beijing. The conference was held by Vice Minister of AQSIQ Wei Chuanzhong. Vice Minister of AQSIQ Li Chuanqing gave speech, and Vice Minister of AQSIQ Pu Changcheng deployed main work.
According to the conference, AQSIQ required all system to deploy together and to take action separately. From this March, a new campaign of special rectification on key products will be initiated, and a special battle will be held. Combining beating and renovating, supporting and punishing, going to the roots of the problem, the special rectification should renovate and improve again the quality and safety of important products, units and areas. The important products include 10 categories of products such as furniture, toys, clothes, paint and coating, real-like decoration, auto accessories, products with wadding fiber, artificial board, decorating materials, and washing products. The first five categories are listed into the firstly rectified key products. In the rectification, law-breaking behavior should be severely punished, effective monitoring mechanism should be established, and inspection and quarantine monitoring mechanism should be further perfected. 
By the end of this October, all producing enterprises of the first five key products should be 100% made clear, and all quality files should be set; enterprise on records should be re-examined 100%, all products with producing license or under the management of CCC certification should be 100% collected evidence, and newly-licensed products should be 100% selectively examined for at least once. The exporting enterprises of the first five categories of key products should 100% sign Product Quality and Safety Guarantee, the exporting enterprises of products in the List for Legal Inspection should 100% set up quality files, and the production capacity of enterprises producing toys for exportation should 100% be checked and ratified. Make sure all imported products are safe and healthy, and those unqualified for environmental protection projects should 100% be sent back or destroyed. This rectification is deployed together and is to be carried out separately step by step. The rectification for the first patch of key products begins in March and is to be finished in October; the rectification for the second patch of key products is to begin in October and be finished at the beginning of next year. The quality problem of key products will be focused on, safety indexes will be attached importance, and the rectification should be carried out with pertinence.
Li Chuanqing pointed out in his speech that all system should recognize fully the great significance of this rectification, and enhance the sense of working responsibility and emergency; should grasp the key points and make sure to get practical effects; should do well the rectification for furniture, toys, clothes, paint and coating, and real-like decorations; should concentrate on solving the problem of down-to-standards and unstable quality of these products, and should ensure to achieve the 8 100%s in prescribed time.
He required all quality inspection departments to grasp the five working measures of “investigate, control, manage, support and establish” together, and to supervise and administrate all objects under the management of quality inspection departments, all factors that may influence quality and safety, and all steps link to products quality.  Meanwhile, the good regulations and measures established during last rectification should be insisted on and perfected further, the all-process monitoring chain including products designation, materials getting in, production and procession, sale, exportation and after-sale service should be truly established and perfected through this year’s efforts, product quality tracing system and responsibility investigating system should be truly established, and product quality monitoring network covering all society should be truly established.

Li Chuanqing required all quality inspection departments to carry forward the spirits of overcoming weariness and work continually, to make the working focus, aim and task for the rectification of each area and department, and to establish and perfect strict job responsibility system. Innovate working methods and strengthen the administrating of rectification to win the new hard battle. Pu Changcheng pointed out that the first working task of this year was to develop deeply the special rectification on product quality and food safety. All quality inspection departments should make clear working focus and rectification task, should carry out rectification work step by step and should enforce rectification measures fully. He required all quality inspection departments to strengthen administration, fulfill responsibility and make sure all targets will be achieved on time. All quality inspection departments should organize the implementation carefully, strengthen media propaganda, carry on successful methods, make strict responsibility fulfillment, and strengthen investigation and management supervision and information communication.
Wei Chuanzhong put forward requirements on the implementation of spirit of the conference. All member staff of The Leading Small Group on Product Quality and Food Safety of AQSIQ, cadres above department level of AQSIQ, SAC and CNCA, persons-in-charge of direct affiliates of AQSIQ attended the conference in main meeting hall. CIQs directly under AQSIQ, middle level cadres and members of The Leading Small Group on Product Quality and Food Safety of all provincial, regional and municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision attended the conference in branch meeting hall.