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Supervision and Management of Certification and Accreditation

2017-07-06 15:30:30

Supervision and Management of Certification and Accreditation


 In compliance with the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Certification and Accreditation, CNCA takes the responsibilities as follows:


To develop, promulgate and implement the state laws, regulations and rules concerning certification and accreditation, safety license, hygiene registration and conformity assessment, to coordinate and guide certification and accreditation across the nation, and supervise and administrate the accreditation bodies and personnel registration bodies.


To draft the catalogue of products subject to compulsory certification and Safety License System, to work out and promulgate certification marks, conformity assessment procedures and technical requirements, to organize the implementation of compulsory certification and Safety License System. To assess the hygiene registration of manufacturing and processing establishments of import-export food and cosmetics, and the actual registration thereof, and for their registration notification and overseas recommendation.


To supervise and standardize certification business according to relevant laws, supervise and administer intermediary services and technical evaluation behaviors, to be responsible also for the qualification screening of, and supervision over certification bodies, and to accept, investigate and handle complaints related to certification and accreditation.


To administer the assessment and qualification approval of the technical competence of relevant calibration, testing and inspection laboratories; to organize the implementation of the assessment, metrological auditing, registration and qualification approval of laboratories; be responsible for the approval of certification bodies, inspection bodies and laboratories undertaking compulsory certification and Safety License System.


To administer and coordinate international cooperation activities in the field of certification and accreditation in the name of government, to participate in the activities of international organizations of certification and accreditation, and to sign agreements and protocols related to conformity assessment.